About us

  Welcome to the Lake Geneva,
welcome to Transgaz.

The Lake Geneva that is surrounded by the Swiss and the French Alps as well as by the vine-yards with the well-known qualities of the Riviera Vaudoise invites to relax and offers to the visitor the fine art of gastronomy and hotel business.

Above Vevey, between the lake promenade and the vine-yards, where the film pioneer Charlie Chaplin spent the 2nd half of his life and where today his famous statue is enjoying the view to the Lake Geneva, there is where we are situated and working – the Transgaz.

Despite all these charming impressions that could indeed distract us from working we do not ignore the tasks we are confronted with, we are very active and represented Europe-wide.

Our company that has been a service company in the field of leasing rail tank cars for over 30 years belongs today to the most competitive of the branch in Europe.
  Due to our high flexibility and specialized knowledge we are acknowledged Europe-wide and are therefore co-operating trustfully with well-known companies in the field of energy supply, chemistry and petrochemistry all over Europe whenever hazardous goods such as liquefied gases, inflammable liquids, corrosives or toxic chemicals have to be transported: fast and safely by rail, in ultramodern railway cars, just in time and with individual solutions to the logistic requirements of our customers and thanks to our rail tank car management.

Our own fleet of rolling stock is extensive and corresponds to the latest status of technology. It is predominantly registered with Railion Deutschland AG. Every car is complying with RIV standards and can therefore be operated in all RIV member states. As a specialist in the field of rail tank car management it is obvious that we have at our disposal a wide range of various compressed-gas tank cars with a volume capacity from 90 to 120 cbm, for the transport of propane, butane and their mixtures or ammonia. Heated and insulated V4A chemical tank cars are also belonging to our fleet as well as tank cars for transporting ethylene oxide. Moreover, together with our partners we can supply a wide range of special-purpose rail cars of all kind for individual requirements.
  In the field of rail logistics we also offer to you the same efficiency as in the field of rail tank car leasing. Thanks to our close contacts to co-operation partners we are able to provide a logistics management individually fitting to your business.

Of course, we would prefer to rent our wagons for a long period – frequently your requirement is only a single deal with short-term leasing periods. A problem? Not for us!

We are looking forward to offering and proving our efficiency also to you.